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What is the cost of #MeToo?

A relationship gone sour

Priya and Rohit worked together in the same company. Their closeness soon blossomed into a relationship. A year passed. Things changed. Priya opted out. Rohit wasn't willing to let go. He kept messaging her despite her repeated refusal. Priya filed a complaint of sexual harassment.
Do you think she will succeed?

Hospital case

The High Court levied a penalty of Rs 50,000 as fine for not having an Internal Committee in place and asked the Employer to pay Rs 25 lakhs to the victim of sexual harassment. This case was also reported in the news.
Can your organization afford to be in the limelight for such reasons?

False complaint?

Team Leader Ashish issues a warning letter to both Sangeeta who is a regular late comer and a poor performer. Sangeeta is annoyed and wants to teach him a lesson. She invites him to a meeting room, threatens him that if she loses her job, she will teach him a lesson. Soon thereafter she files a complaint of sexual harassment against Ashish.
What can Ashish do to protect himself?

Are you an organization with 10+ employees?

If so, you need to be POSH Compliant.
POSH stands for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at the workplace

Price for Non compliance

First offence- Penalty upto Rs 50,000

Repetition for same offence – upto Rs 1,00,000/-

Can also lead to cancellation of Business License.

In-depth awareness of
the POSH Act

  • Creates a safe working environment
  • Restores and improves company reputation
  • Draws more clients and retains existing ones
  • Attracts talented employees and retains existing employees
  • Enhances productivity and boosts morale among employees.
  • Creates a healthy and diverse organisational culture
  • Leads to a reduction in the number of complaints

For the Employer,
a reduction in complaints financially translates to:

  • Better compliance
  • Fewer Appeals
  • Fewer expenses for litigation
  • Fewer penalties paid by the organization
  • The investment that you make in an in-depth POSH awareness training is a win-win for all.

Why E-learning Module?

Face to face trainings have been very effective but the pandemic has helped evolve this e-learning module which is as effective as face to face training.


  • As effective as face-to-face training.
  • Available on demand globally.
  • Convenient for Employers and Employees.
  • Self-paced
  • Available for access of one’s knowledge as and when required
  • Suitable for all sizes of organisations.
  • Created by Experts with legal background

Upcoming Courses

Skill Building of the Internal Committee

Skill Building of the Internal Committee

This training is a technical training wherein the members of the Internal Committee are trained on the principles and sections of the various Acts which they need to be aware of when handling a complaint.


Senior Management Training

Senior Management Training

The Act also casts responsibility on the Employer to provide information required by the Internal Committee. What happens if the information available is incorrect/unreliable or outdated? What steps can an organization take to create a safe workplace so that it prevents incidents of sexual harassment happening at the workplace? They also need to be aware of the best practices they can follow to prevent sexual harassment from happening at the workplace


Training for Support Services

Training for Support Services

Section 19 (a) casts a duty on the Employer to provide a safe working environment which shall include safety from the persons coming into contact at the workplace. The Employer relies on the various support services to ensure a safe work environment.